Key distinctive features

  • Excellence
    The team of Lyra Partners shares a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the will to exceed clients’ expectations by providing an excellent and innovative advisory support.
  • Industrial background
    Most members of the team members have industrial background and capabilities to approach problems/opportunities not only financially, but also focusing on specific operating issues.
  • Multi-level approach
    Lyra Partners has the expertise and capabilities to frame any assignment with a multilevel and systemic approach, analyzing financial, industrial, tax and legal implications at the same time.
  • Independence
    Lyra Partners is absolutely independent, unbiased and exclusively focused on achieving the best outcome for its clients, without conflicts of interest.
  • Seniority
    The team of Lyra Partners is composed by professionals with long standing experience across a broad range of industries and types of transactions. The organizational structure of the company allows its senior professionals to be actively involved in all phases of each transaction.